Logic and Connectionist Systems

Dr. Pascal Hitzler and Prof. Dr. Steffen Hölldobler

Seminar, SS 2002

Preliminary Schedule

Location: Mondays, DS6 (16.40-18.10), GRU 350.

The topic number below refers to the registration page.

Date Student (initials) Topic
08.04. no meeting (I'm away)
15.04. no presentation organizational meeting
29.04. NC 4
06.05. RM 5
13.05. MH 6
20.05. no meeting (Pentecost)
27.05. no meeting (I'm away)
03.06. no meeting (talk canceled)
10.06. MW 8 GRU 450
17.06. no meeting (talk moved to Friday, 21.06.)
Friday, 21.06. AZ 9 2.DS (9.20-10.50), GRU 358
24.06. RH10
01.07. SB
08.07. MK


So far, I know that I'll be away April 18-21, May 26-June 2.

Most of the time, it will be necessary to make an appointment with me in order to see me. For this purpose, just send a short email message. You can try to catch me in my office (GRU 422), but it is possible (likely) that I won't have time immediately. But we can fix an appointment then.

If anything can be handled easily via email, then this is my preferred method.

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