Logic and Connectionist Systems

Dr. Pascal Hitzler and Prof. Dr. Steffen Hölldobler

Seminar, SS 2002

List of possible Topics

  1. (Hölldobler et al.) Logic programs and 3-layer feedforward networks.
  2. (Towell et al.) KBANN system, propositional and backpropagation.
  3. (1-2 talks) (d'Avila Garcez et al.) Propositional logic and sigmoidal activation functions, builds on 1.
  4. (1-2 talks) (Shastri et al.) SHRUTI, variable binding via temporal synchrony.
  5. (Sun) Variable binding via numeric values.
  6. (Adamson et al.) B-RAAM, holistic (distributed) representations of symbolic structures.
  7. (Giles et al.) Recursive networks for symbolic rule refinement.
  8. (Pinkas) Hopfield (recursive) networks, propositional (nonmonotonic) logic.
  9. (1-2 talks) (several authors) Radial basis function networks and fuzzy inference systems.
  10. (Boutsinas et al.) A connectionist approach to nonmonotonic reasoning.

Certainly, the above list contains only a few keywords at this stage - it will hopefully be enough to make a first selection. Detailed literature references will be given later. It is possible to suggest alternative (suitable) topics. Just contact me in this case.


If you want to participate, then send an email to

before Monday, 4th of February containing the following information: (1) Your full name. (2) Your course (eg. CL). (3) Your current semester. (4) A list (ordered by preference) of topics from the list above (the numbers suffice). If there are more participants than available talks, then a selection will be made by next Monday and you will be informed about the result.

After registration (via email or personally) you should receive (or already have received) a confirmatory email from me. If you don't (didn't) receive this, please contact me.


All questions should be directed to

Introductory Literature

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