Some finished manuscripts

Iman Narasamdja, The Connectionist Inductive Learning and Logic Programming System. [ps.gz]

Natalia Cherchago, SHRUTI, variable binding via temporal synchrony [ps.gz]

Raj V. Mudunuri, Variable Binding in Connectionist Networks [ps.gz]

Max Hamburger, Bi-coded Recursive Auto-associative Memory (B-RAAM) [ps.gz]

Matthias Wendt, Symbolic vs. Subsymbolic reasoning: Rational inference in Hopfield networks [ps.gz]

Andreas Zollmann, Fuzzy Inference Systems and Their Corresponding Neural Networks [ps.gz]

Robert Hein, A connectionist approach to nonmonotonic reasoning [ps.gz]

Sebastian Bader, Metrics and Topologies to combine Logic Programs and Artificial Neural Networks [ps.gz]

Markus Krötzsch, Networks of Spiking Neurons - An alternative approach to connectionist systems [ps.gz]

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