Introductory Literature

Introductory literature and survey publications which may be helpful: [Höl01, Chapter 15] as a first introduction, [GH92,BS01] on connectionist inference systems; [Mit97, Chapter 4] for general neural networks background.

A. Browne and R. Sun.
Connectionist inference models.
Neural Networks, 14(10):1331-1355, 2001.
Available online via library (Elsevier journal).
H. W. Güsgen and S. Hölldobler.
Connectionist inference systems.
In B. Fronhöfer and G. Wrightson, editors, Parallelization in Inference Systems, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, pages 82-120. Springer, 1992.
S. Hölldobler.
Computational logic - working material.
Lecture Manuscript, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group, Artificial Intelligence Institute, Department of Computer Science, Dresden University of Technology, December 2001.
Available from (lecture script).
T. Mitchell.
Machine Learning.
McGraw Hill, 1997.
The book has been ordered for library. Pascal Hitzler has a private copy.

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