Logic and Connectionist Systems

Dr. Pascal Hitzler and Prof. Dr. Steffen Hölldobler

Seminar, SS 2002

In Artificial Intelligence, we are very much interested in learning and representing knowledge, and in reasoning with it. Logic provides a convenient framework for doing this. An important alternative to logic is provided by connectionist systems, i.e. artificial neural networks. It turns out that both frameworks have advantages and disadvantages, and that they are rather different in nature. Researchers have therefore set out to study relationships between Logic and Connectionist Systems. In this seminar, we will study some of the recent results on this topic, taken from scientific publications of the last few years.

Prerequisite: Passed exam in ICL or Logik.

Assessment: Each student is required to ...

Each student will get a mark based on the presentation (2/3) and the manuscript (1/3).


Registration: If you want to participate, it is necessary that you attend the (above mentioned) meeting on the 28th of January 2002, 16.40-18.10, GRU 350. If this is impossible for you, contact Pascal Hitzler before this date.

If you have any questions concerning this seminar, please do not hesitate to contact me in Room 422 or under

There is the possibility of doing projects or theses in the subject area building on the topics of the seminar.

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